That Traxxas Slash 4×4 was just voted “Best electric truck of 2014” by readers of the RC car hobbyist magazine. I’m not really an RC car fanatic, sure, I think they’re neat and I’d play around with one if it was in front of me.

I’m told the Traxxas Slash 4×4 is a pretty mean “ready to run” 1/10th scale truck by a friend of mine who’s well into these things. This means that you can purchase the Traxxas Slash and in the box is everything you need to have a RC truck that’s ready to run. This is opposed to the type of RC car that you build from the frame up with custom parts of your own choosing.

The only thing the buyer needs to customize on the RC car is the pinion gear (to determine top speed) and the battery output. Equipped with the 19/54 (the high-speed gear set) and the Power Cell 3s LiPo 11.1V battery, the Traxxas Slash will do over 60 mph!

Now if you wanted to take the fun to the next level and take your Traxxas onto the water and hydroplane your truck! All you need to do is add a set of aftermarket sand paddles and you can tear across a body of water – snowmobile style.

Check out the video of the Traxxas Slash hitting a jump on the water at full-speed, landing on a platform (that must have taken a million tries) and tearing across the rest of the pond. Pretty neat.

Yet another totally useless innovation that’s totally awesome. I kind of want one to terrorize the people at the cottage.

Traxxas Slash RC Truck

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