Meals Per Hour documentary shows Toyota’s effort to help people. If you watch, you’ll help even more.

Earlier today, we were going to post about this video but decided not to as Toyota had reached its 250,000 YouTube view goal. However, due to overwhelming response from the public, they’ve up the view goal to 1,000,000.

Meals Per Hour is a short documentary on what a little organization can do to help feed those still reeling from the affects of Hurricane Sandy. Produced by Rel Schulman and Henry Joost, creators of the feature films Catfish, the film delves into one organization’s efforts to help people and Toyota’s effort to streamline the process to get food to people faster and more effectively.

Toyota already donated 250,000 meals to the Food Bank For New York City and donated an additional 250,000 during the initial video launch. They’ve now increased the number to 1,000,000. So, click the play button above and visit the website.

We may give Toyota a hard time about some of their cars, but there’s no question their heart is in the right place. This kind of philanthropy is very non-beige and makes us feel all warm and rosey on the inside.

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