Toyota has given its Sienna minivan the ultimate makeover, using the Tacoma pickup as the mechanical to create the meanest motherfreaking family hauler this side of the “Momkhana” van (which also happened to be a Sienna).

The UUV (short for Ultimate Utility Vehicle) was created as part of the brand’s trans-North America ‘Ever-Better Expedition,’ which will put Toyota designers, engineers, manufacturing staff and salespeople on the road in the brand’s current vehicles in an effort to help inform the design of future models.

Almost hilariously, Toyota has released next to no details on the UUV; it’s mentioned in a ho-hum press release about Toyota’s future North American HQ, to be built in Plano, TX. All they say about the van-truck-thing is that it’s a Sienna body grafted onto the chassis of a Tacoma pickup, and was built primarily for display at this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) show in Las Vegas. The photo, however, reveals, rear-hinged doors, an LED lightbar, a Mad Max-esque front fascia with winch, and those bad-ass off-road tires. No doubt we’ll learn more when the UUV arrives at SEMA this November.


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