Yup, you read that right. Toyota have just launched the Corolla Nürburgring edition in Thailand. Based on the Corolla Altis ESport edition (not sold in these parts), it was apparently built to commemorate Toyota’s seventh-place finish in a race at the vaunted ‘Ring. I was curious about this and spent a few minutes playing with the Google to get some more information about this race but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.

The Thai market Corolla Altis ESport launched in early 2014 and was marketed as the sporty version of the not-so-sporting Corolla. It’s essentially the Thai version of our Corolla S (theirs gets a sportier suspension but that seems to be the only difference). Add-on parts include a stiffer suspension, bolt-on bodykit, an all-black interior, chrome exhaust tip, trunklid spolier, projector headlamps with L.E.D. daytime runners, L.E.D. tails and of course, 17″ wheels.

Which brings us to the Nürburgring version of the Corolla. Special edition add-ons include a more pronounced front bumper, a piano black front grille, new 17″ wheels, an exclusive rear spoiler, a rear diffuser (yes, a diffuser…) and as a tribute to its namesake, a decal of the ‘Ring on the front fenders.

The interior receives black leather seats with contrast stitching, and red inserts throughout. The motor remains the same but strangely, this version only comes equipped with the CVT option. You’d think that a vehicle spawned by a Top 10 finish at the Nürburgring would at least come with a manual.

Well, if you want one of these here, you can’t have one. Sorry, race fans.

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