Toyota has added to the number of its vehicles affected by the Takata airbag recall in Canada. That figure now stands at nearly 367,000 cars and trucks, with the updated list including the popular Corolla and Matrix (2003-2007 model years), Tundra pickup (2003-2006), Sequoia SUV (2002-2007), and the Lexus SC 430 (2002-2007). This recall expands on a previous one that covered just 4,400 examples of the Sequoia and Tundra. A separate recall covers the same issue for the Pontiac Vibe (2003-2007), a mechanical clone of the Matrix.

The number of affected vehicles keeps growing, but the issue remains the same: though the company initially denied it, Takata supplied faulty airbag inflators to automakers. The inflator could rupture as the airbag deploys in a crash, either causing the airbag to deploy improperly, or propelling metal fragments at the vehicle’s occupants.

In other recall news, Ferrari has recalled seven LaFerrari models in Canada to fix two flaws. Under the first campaign, Ferrari will replace or modify headrests that don’t comform to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) for energy absorption. The second recall involves reprogramming the car’s tire pressure monitoring system, which in the event of a flat, may tell the driver the car can still be driven at speeds up to 80 km/h when it should display a message telling the driver to stop the car.

Chrysler is recalling 1,200 Sebring convertibles from the 2001 model year to modify passenger-side sun visors that can be torn loose in a crash in which the front passenger airbag deploys. This is the same issue that led Mitsubishi to recall some older Eclipse models in late May.

Finally, General Motors has issued a recall on the long-defunct Pontiac G8 and a fleet-only Chevrolet Caprice version of that car to replace seatbelt tensioners that could separate in a crash. This is the same faulty component that prompted a May, 2015 recall of the Chevrolet Malibu.


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