Subaru today began selling a limited-edition BRZ trim called the tS with unique suspension tuning and body bits. The only catch is this limited run of 300 cars is only being sold in Japan.

Functional items include upsized tires (225/40R18 vs the 215/45R17s available here) on STI-designed black wheels; Brembo brakes (four-piston up front and two-pots out back), all kinds of STI-sourced suspension bits (inverted front struts and firmer rear dampers and springs, among other items), a larger-diameter driveshaft, a tS-specific stability control program and synthesized engine sound.

Exterior body add-ons include special badging and bumpers, and black side mirrors and shark-fin antenna. Inside, the tS gets unique gauges, carbon-tone dash, leather-lapped steering wheel, and Alcantara trim.

In spite of what we imagine must be a tangible dynamic upgrade (at least in a track environment), the 2.0L boxer engine’s output remains steadfastly at 200 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. That might be bittersweet news for enthusiasts who’ve been clamouring for a more powerful factory tune, but we’ll call it good news in that at least Subaru hasn’t gone and outright denied that to its North American boosters.

Subaru BRZ tS 1

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