Singer and Porsche go together like the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo. The Millennium Falcon is a modified version of the Corellian Engineering YT-1300 Light Freighter. In base form, it looks good and is relatively fast, but once Han and Chewie get their respective hands and paws on it, it’s transformed into a work of art; advanced enough to make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. Seriously though, if you’re not familiar with Singer Vehicle Design, they’re responsible for restoring and building some of the most gorgeous and unforgettable air-cooled Porsches out there.

For their latest creation, owner of Singer, Rob Dickinson, took up the challenge to restore and build a 964 Targa for a customer hailing from Montreal – a first for the company. You Porsche heads will know the 964 911 is a newer model sold between 1989 and 1994. Dickinson was given the mandate by the Targa’s Canadian owner to “restore, reimagine and celebrate the classic Targa configuration first launched in 1965 with the iconic polished metal, ‘Targa Hoop’”.

Singer 911 Porsche Targa 964 - 3

Singer’s approach to building Porsches is summed up by Dickinson with the words, “No detail is too fine to perfect when the satisfaction of a Porsche aficionado is at stake.” For now, Singer is keeping mum about the details of the 964 Targa’s retro-build but we do know that the owner wanted a choice of two roofs – the first with the classic soft top and the second – a one-piece custom carbon-fibre unit, and Singer has made good on that request.

The SVD Targa is painted in Targa grey with an orange and black leather/suede mixed weave in the cabin. The iconic Targa hoop has been redone in nickel to match the exterior and wheels while adding a healthy dose of class, style and refinement.

Singer 911 Porsche Targa 964 - 2

Singer do not build incomplete Porsches. Much more than just a fancy top, fancy paint and fancy wheels, the Targa rides on Ohlins suspension and gorgeous Fuchs-style wheels with a custom white nickel finish on the barrels and black centres all around.

A key part of any complete build is the engine and Singer does not disappoint. Built by Ed Pink Racing Technology, Dickinson says the Targa now has “the finest air-cooled non-racing engine ever produced.” Built from the ground up by Ed Pink, the 3.6L air-cooled lump has been massaged to a 4L, pushing 390 hp to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual, with a highly advanced engine management system. We’re told the engine is completely balanced from a weight ratio perspective, while providing mega torque, resulting in “an absolutely, wonderfully sweet engine”.

We’re pretty excited for the reveal at Goodwood and perhaps, even more excited for the new Singer 911 Targa to come home to its owner in Montreal. Montreal is close enough to our offices that we could possibly arrange an in-person date with the Targa. in the meantime, take a look at the teaser pictures from Singer in the gallery.

Porsche 911 restored and reimagined by Singer Image © Singer Vehicle Design / Daniel Simon, LLC

Porsche 911 restored and reimagined by Singer
Image © Singer Vehicle Design / Daniel Simon, LLC

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