Do the folks running the show at Chevrolet have vision for the future of mobility? FNR they do, and this is it.

Chevrolet has given the world a glimpse of that foresight with the global debut of this autonomous electric concept in Shanghai.

GM says the FNR’s intelligent tech features are the stuff of sci-fi, and that’s not far from the truth: sensors and roof-mounted radar were conceived to map the environment to map out driverless operation, and the car can be started via an iris-recognition function.

Never mind technology, this thing’s looks would make it a natural fit in a science fiction movie, with “dragonfly” dual-swing doors, hubless wheels with integral electric motors, crystal (frickin!) laser head- and taillights, and wireless automatic charging. On the inside, once the car has been set to autonomous mode, the front seats can be swivelled to face the rears, creating a “more intimate setting,” per GM.

chevrolet fnr 1

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