Toyota’s budget brand Scion has updated its FR-S sports coupe for 2016 with new standard kit, refreshed interior trim, and pricing that reflects the added equipment.

Okay, so “new standard kit” is a generous way to say the FR-S now comes with a backup camera; interior updates include new front door grips, centre console side trim, and steering wheel and shifter bezels.

We’d show you what the new interior bits look like, but you’ll have better luck hitting up your local Scion dealer, which should have the 2016 FR-S on its lot as you read this; Toyota has published just one exterior photo of the car, which shows exactly nothing we haven’t seen before.

Scion’s price for that backup camera and new trim bits is $820, the amount by which FR-S prices go up for 2016. With a manual transmission, the latest car goes for $27,490, and an automatic-equipped version sells for $28,670.

2016 FR-S

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