Pre-production Saab 9-3 rolls of Trollhattan assembly line as NEVS gets ready to resume production

Hopefully third time’s a charm for Saab, which is now with its third owner in the last ten years.

After a failed ownership by Spyker, Saab was scooped up by Chinese-owned holding company National Electric Vehicle Sweden, a subsidiary of National Modern Energy Holdings.

Yesterday, in the presence of the folks of SaabsUnited, the first, new NEVS-produced Saab 9-3 rolled off the assembly line. While this isn’t a production ready example, it is a founding step in what will hopefully be the return of the Swedish marque.

The pre-production unit wears older, production sheetmetal and not the newer facelifted 9-3 exterior bits. However, some upgrades have been made under the hood, though details were not disclosed.

This production exercise was more about the assembly processes than it was about the car itself. Saab used the event to calibrate production line systems and test new components.

Update: We initially reported the car produced was a prototype when it was actually a pre-production unit. Thanks to Tim at SaabsUnited for the correction.

[Source and photos: SaabsUnited]

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