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Well, sort of. UK-based CAR magazine published this today, revealing power outputs for the range of turbocharged four-cylinder engines coming to the Porsche Boxster and Cayman for the 2016 model year.

The article is light on details, going only so far as to suggest the base 2.0L flat-four will make 240 hp, while a 2.5L version will put out 300 hp in S trim, and 370 in GTS versions. That means a notable drop in horsepower for the base and S models (whose current six-cylinders make 265 and 315 hp, respectively), but a big boost in the GTS, whose six is good for 330 right now.

Our first instinct is to question how accurate those figures are; the folks at CAR are cool, but they like to speculate as much as the rest of us do. In any event, what we don’t get from them are all-important torque ratings, but assuming the HP numbers they’ve put forward, our guesses are roughly 250-260 lb-ft for the 2.0L, around 290 in the entry-level 2.5L, and 350 for the uprated GTS’ 2.5L, all big increases against current twist figures of 206, 266 and 273 lb-ft from the current cars’ six-cylinders.

Expect the four-cylinder Boxster and Cayman models to become a reality next year.



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