French manufacturer Peugeot will unveil its Fractal concept later this month in Frankfurt, and based on what Peugeot has revealed, it sounds like a pretty far out little car.

That’s because the French automaker teamed up with musician Amon Tobin to create an electric car “designed by sound.” Visual cues include exterior and interior elements that look like the sound-deadening material used in anechoic chambers and recording studios and exterior lights modeled after a studio’s mixing board faders, plus electronically-generated sound profiles allow the driver to alter what the car sounds like as it’s driven. Many of the more ‘out-there’ surfaces were created using 3D printing, which Peugeot said was the only way to create some of the complex surfaces and shapes they wanted for the concept.

It’s billed as a coupe, but is also shown topless, suggesting the possibility of convertibility, and suicide doors can be opened remotely, via smartphone, creating the impression the car is inviting you inside.

Click here for a YouTube playlist of Peugeot’s teaser videos for the car, which do a better job of explaining just how properly wacky the Fractal is.

Peugeot Fractal 0004

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