Could a new Monza come to N.A. as a Buick? Or something else entirely?

Opel Russia is teasing a possible production model reveal for the upcoming Moscow International Motor Show starting August 27.

Shown under a yellow sheet with headlights beaming through the sheer fabric (and lots of help from Photoshop we imagine), the new car looks very similar to the Opel Monza Concept which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September.

Car Advice posits its a new Opel Calibra sports car, 25 years after the launch of the single-generation coupe in 1989.

If this is a new sports car from General Motors, and specifically from Opel, there’s a chance it could come to North America as a Buick. If we were to stretch, maybe a new Buick Reatta.

Conversely, there may be room under the Camaro for a sports car along the lines of the Code 130R concept.

[Source: Twitter via Carscoops]


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