From the ridiculous to the ludicrous, look out for the Nissan Juke-R 2.0: recently shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as a concept, the Japanese company has announced it will build 17 examples of the car, powered by a 600-hp twin-turbo V6 borrowed from the GT-R sports car.

As a follow up to the original Juke-R, version 2.0 is pretty serious sh*t: the GT-R Nismo motor is 55 hp richer, and comes wrapped in a body bearing the same matte-black paint and anything-but-subtle fender flares and rear spoiler, but wearing a new carbon fibre front bumper.

So: why is Nissan building 17 of these things? According to Automobile Magazine, Nissan built six examples of Juke-R 1.0, six plus 17 equals 23, and 23 in Japanese is “Ni” “San.” Clever.

Don’t expect the Juke-R 2.0 cost much less than the $600,000 commanded by the first one, but the price is academic given it’s unlikely this insane little thing will be sold in North America.


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