In case you thought we didn’t have enough crossovers in our automotive market, Nissan have just confirmed the Rogue Hybrid and the Qashqai will be coming over to this continent. The popular compact crossover known as the Qashqai – apart from being really awkward to type out – has been available in European and Asian markets since 2006, and Nissan figures it’s time to bring it over here.

Along with the arrival of the Qashqai, a hybridized version of the larger Rogue is on its way. The two models, though, seemingly quite different in appearance, are based on the same basic platform (the X-Trail also shares the platform).

Fred Diaz, Nissan’s senior VP of sales and marketing, told Automotive News, “We haven’t hit the ceiling [on Rogue] yet. We have more opportunity there if we can get our dealers more. The news spells the end of production for the first-generation Rogue. In Nissan fashion, the first-generation Rogue will now be known as the Rogue Select.

On paper, it may seem a little strange for Nissan to be introducing two models that share so many similarities, but we’re assured that Nissan thinks the move makes a lot of sense. No information has been released on the new Rogue Hybrid’s powertrain but the current gasoline-powered Rogue is powered by a 2.5 L four banger. If I had to guess, I’d say the Rogue Hybrid would be powered by the unit in the outgoing Pathfinder Hybrid.

As far as the Qashqai powertrain options go, we’ve never had it over here on this side of the world and we expect a four-cylinder small displacement option of some sort. We can only dream and fantasize about a manual diesel option that’s currently offered overseas.

Nissan Qashqai

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