GM have just released a teaser of the all-new next-generation Buick Verano that’s set to be revealed at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show taking place next week. As a surprise to some and old news to others, Buick does very well in China and the new Verano has been specifically designed for their market where it’s known as “Wei Lang”. Although I do hail from Hong Kong, I can’t figure out the meaning of Wei Lang based on the English pinyin without context. The translation that makes the most sense is roughly “Because of Beauty” or something along those lines. This is my Cantonese-speaking brain trying to translate Mandarin that’s been translated into pinyin, so don’t quote me on it.

The teaser image of the compact sedan doesn’t show much beyond a redesigned taillight and swooping body lines, the latter a litle reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz CLA lineup. GM says the new Verano was inspired by the 2013 Riviera concept car and takes its styling and design cues from the Avenir concept seen in Detroit this year.

No word at all on what will be powering the new compact sedan but GM says the Verano “will offer a refreshing driving experience through its stylish and dynamic exterior, exquisite and comfortable interior, and precise and powerful performance.” Powerful and compact don’t go together these days, unless there’s forced induction involved, so expect there to be a turbo involved, of course.

GM says the Verano is also set expected to “set new benchmarks for performance, safety and comfort in its class.” Those are some bold claims and we’re looking forward to seeing how they manage to do so in such a competitive class.

We probably won’t see the new Verano on our side of the world until next year.


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