February 7, 2003

New web-site features Ferrari’s new Enzo supercar

Nashville, Tennessee, January 31, 2003 – Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation announced that it has launched a web site dedicated to Ferrari’s premier model, the Enzo, which is factory equipped with Bridgestone tires. The site – www.forzarossa-bridgestone.com – went “live” on January 31st.

Ferrari presently equips the Enzo exclusively with Bridgestone tires. The legendary manufacturer of sports cars and Bridgestone enjoy a successful partnership in production vehicle models and in race cars. On the race track, that partnership has produced four consecutive constructors’ championships in Formula One (F1) competition.

Bridgestone’s Forzarossa web site begins by presenting several articles about the Enzo Ferrari drawn from diverse media. Bridgestone subsequently will supplement those articles with interviews with engineers responsible for the development of the vehicle and its tires. Links to the Forzarossa web site will appear on the Bridgestone and Ferrari corporate web sites at www.bridgestone.co.jp and www.ferrariworld.com.

Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and other rubber products. Tires account for 79 percent of Bridgestone Group sales worldwide. The company also manufactures industrial rubber and chemical products, sporting goods, and other diversified products. It sells its tires and other products in more than 150 nations

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