Toyota’s CH-R concept, unveiled last year at the Paris auto show, will spawn a new small crossover the company will reveal at next year’s Geneva auto show, according to credible rumours.

Rumour as it is, it’s a believable one given the rush of small crossovers that have come to market in the last couple of years: GM sells the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore, Honda the HR-V, Fiat Chrysler Autombiles (FCA) sells the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X, and Mazda has its CX-3. Nissan’s Juke is one of the sportiest of the bunch, and Subaru’s Impreza-based Crosstrek brings the most rugged looks to the segment.

In June, we speculated that the CH-R would be the basis for a near-future AWD Prius variant, but now we think it’s more likely we’ll see a gas-electric version of whatever production model the concept leads to.

Toyota CH-R concept

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