Those looking for an electric wagon: the Fisker Surf may arrive in 2016

While Fisker Automotive has seen a number of trials (figurative and legal) and tribulations as of late, under new ownership things are looking bright for the electric vehicle producer.

With the mighty bankroll of Wanxiang behind it, Fisker is expecting to resume production of the sleek and sexy Karma sedan in 2015, according to an article in the Orange Country Register. However, plans beyond that, including continuation of the Fisker name, are still being worked out behind the scenes.

Fisker’s interim president, Roger Brown, stated in addition to resumption of Karma production, the station wagon Surf may arrive as soon as 2016 with the entry-level Atlantic model arriving later in 2017, or at least that’s the plan for now.

The company must first establish a new headquarters and figure out production logistics, a not so simple feat, especially when some 200 people need to be hired.

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