Mitsubishi has recalled about 60,000 Lancers, Outlanders and RVRs to address problems with headlights, wipers and air conditioning blower motors.

The larger action involves about 32,000 vehicles manufactured with faulty blower motors that could fail, causing poor visibility due to inadequate defroster performance in winter weather. The fault is in the blower motor’s shaft and bearing, which can wear out prematurely; early symptoms include unusual noises and reduced fan performance. Dealers will replace the defroster motor in Lancer sedans and Sportbacks and Outlanders from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 model years, 2010 model year Lancer Evolutions, and 2011 model year RVRs.

Another campaign involves more than 27,000 cars—some of them affected by the blower motor problem, too—have been recalled for inoperable lights and wipers caused by a faulty electronic control unit (ECU). Again, Mitsu dealers will inspect the ECU in affected Lancer sedans and Sportbacks (2009-2010), Lancer Evolutions (2010) and Outlander crossovers (2009-2010) and replace it where necessary.


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