BMW-Toyota partnership to bear fruit outside of sports cars

The problem with Mini these days is most of its models are not all that…well…mini. The basic Mini hatchback has grown to proportions similar to other compacts on the market, especially with the introduction of its new five-door version.

If predictions from Automobile Magazine are any indication, the next core model in Mini’s lineup could be a return to the British automaker’s roots (and nameplate lineage) with the reintroduction of the Minor.

The new model is a product of the much talked about partnership between BMW and Toyota, which will also see the return of Supra and the next BMW Z4.

A new Minor, while not replacing a model directly, fills one of the slots left behind by the outgoing Coupe and Roadster along with the Paceman, also rumoured to get dropped by 2019. The addition would be smaller than the current Mini hatchback and “likely cost between $14,500 and $16,000 [USD],” says Automobile.

This would open up the brand to a whole new segment of buyers, at least in Canada, who aren’t looking to spend the premium for a Mini hatchback but are willing to pay a few extra dollars on something smaller.

Also of note, Mini is considering bringing the Superleggera (or at least a version of it) to production in 2018. There are stumbling blocks, such as its complex hybrid system that sees electric motors drive the front wheels while a traditional internal combustion engine provides motivation to the rear.

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