BMW’s Mini brand says all-new Cooper and Cooper S Convertible models will reach showrooms next Spring, bringing “open air motoring excitement” to the third-generation Mini platform introduced in 2014.

That makes this the first droptop to use Mini’s new modular motors: the Cooper S is the real bringer of excitement with its 2.0L turbo four-cylinder (189 hp/207 lb-ft; six-speed manual standard, six-speed auto optional), while the base Cooper’s 1.5L turbo triple (134 hp/162 lb-ft), in our opinion, puts more emphasis on economy than excitement with the tall ratios in its six-speed stick (the six-speed auto is offered here, too).

There’s a tiny-but-usable trunk behind an equally tiny two-place rear seat. Cargo access is eased by a roof that partially flips up and out of the way when it’s time to load the car, and the back seats fold to boost carrying capacity. As before, the top can be opened partway to create a sunroof of sorts, and the slightly cheesy “Always Open Timer” tells you how many hours you’ve spent driving with the top down. Mini says cars fitted with the optional infotainment package have a “rain warner” that notifies of approaching storms to give you time to pull over and put the roof up.

Speaking of which, we’re pleased Mini once again designed the Cooper convertible to maintain a hatchback-esque roofline with the top in place.

While far from offering bespoke options as its higher-end British brethren do, Mini promises plenty of opportunities for individualization through 13 exterior colours, plus premium seat coverings including a diamond-stitched malt-brown leather (which you can sort-of see in one of the photos Mini provided) the company says evokes the look of “classic English Chesterfield sofas.”

Mini says the latest Cooper Convertible goes on sale in March, 2016, with pricing to be announced closer to that time.

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