Mercedes-AMG have just released a short video teaser, called “Something Fast is Coming.” While I’d love to give you some confirmed, solid information and insight as to what the horsepower-crazy mad rocket scientists over at AMG have cooked up for public consumption, they’ve released nothing beyond the accompanying words: Something fast is coming. I just like saying it – something fast is coming.

The all-too-short 19-second teaser video starts off with a panning shot of a morning sun over the grandstands at the famed Hockenheimring (commonly known as just Hockenheim) circuit with the sound of an angry V8 at full-boogie in the background.

The scenes quickly alternate between a low-mounted forward-facing camera angle of a car rapidly lapping Hockenheim and a drone flying over the track, while the teaser words are flashed across the screen.

The soundtrack is all AMG produced. Almost positively V8 in nature, and 100 percent positively aurally aggressive, yet beautiful, the teased upcoming AMG promises to stay true to AMG’s penchant for creating some of the world’s best and gnarliest sounding production cars.

As mentioned, Mercedes hasn’t released any other information but judging by the sound of the exhaust and spy shots of and AMG GT spotted testing at the Nurburgring earlier this year, it’s probable the new car will the car will be a derivative of some sort of AMG GT. Combined with comments and speculation in the comments section of the video, including one from YouTube user, “arijkle”, who claims to work for Mercedes-Benz, that says, “The world will become a tiny bit darker when this “something fast” arrives. Don´t ask me how i know it! Greetings from a MB worker.” with a winky face emoticon thing, I’m willing to presume this will be an AMG-GT Black Series.

Check out the short teaser and let us know what you think what AMG is cooking up.

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