Finland is pretty famous for a couple of in the automotive world. They’ve dominated the World Rally Championship over the years and in fact, we have them to thank for the “Scandinavian flick” or the “Finn flick”. We also have them to thank for some of the best winter tires money can buy. They’ve never really been known for making supercars; until now.

At the 2015 Top Marques Monaco – billed as the ‘ultimate luxury car show’ by Bloomberg – Toroidion, a Finnish company, unveiled the 1MW Concept. The 1MW is an electric supercar designed and built entirely in Finland. The 1MW in the Toroidion supercar’s name is in reference to the one megawatt of output Finland’s newest supercar puts down. One megawatt converts to 1,341 horsepower. If my company built a car that pumps out the equivalent to over 1,300 hp, you’d better believe I’d want the world to know.

There’s probably less than five production gasoline-powered cars that can boast an output of 1,341 hp and with one megawatt of output, the Toroidion 1MW can boast of being the first EV to break that barrier, ever.

Details are pretty scarce on the four-wheel-drive Toroidion, but we do know that each wheel has its own motor. Up front, 200-kilowatt motors put instant power to the ground, while out back, dual 300-kilowatt motors ensure you’re getting from 0-100 real quick, as the Toroidion is an EV and all that torque is technically available from zero RPM. We expect the Toroidion 1MW will do the Kessel Run in way less than 12 parsecs. Sorry, Han and Chewie.

Being an EV, chances are that all that power won’t be made available right from a standing start, but it’ll be interesting to see just how many modes or “tuning” options are user selectable.

The low-slung coupe’s scissor-doors open up to reveal a minimalist and spartan interior. A aluminum/suede dashboard plays home to a bevy of toggle switches and a tiny, almost insignificant looking gear lever. The 1MW looks to be devoid of any sort of multimedia display, let alone a glovebox or climate vents. A small suede sports steering wheel looks at home right in front of a pair of bolstered sport suede/leather sport seats with harnesses. Cabin space looks tight, much tighter than most supercars. I’m a little in love with how tight the cabin is. The close quarters combined with the race harnesses, and the all business dash makes me think this car is ready to put in some serious work.

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