And, hopefully, it’ll still be available with a manual

While the Mazda5 isn’t setting the sales charts alight anywhere in North America, Mazda seems to think there’s enough volume in Canada to keep it in the lineup, even as they plan for the Mazda5’s exit from US dealers.

The small van, which replaced the Mazda MPV, will now join a growing list of models available in Canada but not in the US, including segment competitors Kia Rondo and Chevrolet Orlando, along with the Hyundai Elantra Coupe that was just cut from the US market.

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Having a soft-spot for the Mazda5, even though it hasn’t changed much over the years (most people didn’t even notice its latest redesign), I’m glad it isn’t leaving our market quite yet.

Oh, and it’s available with a manual transmission, even in top trim. So stop buying cheap Caravans and buy one of these already.

2013 Mazda5

[Source: TTAC]

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