Mazda’s latest concept, a crossover dubbed Koeru, will make its international debut next month at the Frankfurt auto show.

Meaning to “exceed” or “go beyond,” Mazda calls the name a good fit for a vehicle that “aims to exceed existing category standards and stereotypes.”

The company’s rendering doesn’t do much to help us decipher that PR-speak, but it gives us a clue that this will be the basis for the brand’s next mid-size crossover, and replacement for the aging CX-9. That big seven-seater is the only model not to use the brand’s fuel-saving SkyActiv technology and is a thirsty beast because of it. If that’s what this concept is destined to become, then we figure there’s turbocharging in Mazda’s future; a turbocharged four-cylinder displacing somewhere between 2.0L and 2.5L would be a natural fit in a modern mid-size CUV.

We hope Mazda will provide more details when they pull the wraps off the Koeru; we’ll keep you up to date when that happens.

Mazda Koeru crossover concept

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