November 29, 2004

Maybachs available with more customized features

Stuttgart, Germany – Maybach Type 62 and Type 57 limousines are now offered with more luxury features, many of which are personalized to individual owner’s tastes.

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Maybach has developed and produced a variant of the Type 57 limousine that meets the special demands of top-of-the-line international hotels. New, easily accessible multi-storage compartments in the rear of the vehicle can be used to hold hot towels for arriving guests, for example. The car phone located in the rear centre console is integrated via a conventional telephone cord, and the backs of the front seats are equipped with practical fold-out tables where video monitors would otherwise be installed.

Typical special solutions requested by customers include family arms or initials in prominent locations in the Maybach’s interior. Maybach also offers on request – and not only to automobile enthusiasts and collectors – the possibility of integrating the relief-type double “M” Maybach emblem in the door trim leather.

Maybach developers have also fulfilled a special customer wish in a concept vehicle for the Maybach Type 57 model by plating all chrome trimming with gold, more specifically with an extremely thin layer of 24-carat gold. The rims were also painted with gold lacquer that matches the gold in the interior, with the paint being applied by way of a completely new special process.

A compass located the rear of the vehicle and perfectly integrated into the nautical-type instrument cluster on the ceiling can be used by passengers anytime for orientation and information on which direction the vehicle is heading. This customized feature is especially useful in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where it actually originates from.

Maybach offers those customers who wish to travel with up to three passengers in the rear seats an alternative seating configuration featuring a third seat in the centre of the rear of the vehicle. This variant retains the two luxurious individual rear seats and replaces the standard centre console with a third seat.

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