February 12, 2003

“Made for Canada” Toyota to be unveiled

Toronto, Ontario – Toyota will unveil a “made-for-Canada” small car to the media today at the Toronto auto show at 2:55 pm.

Toyota describes the vehicle as “fun, funky and functional, the kind of automobile Canadians have been asking for”. “The new cars have been designed and built specifically by Toyota for the Canadian market, and will be sold only in Canada,” said a Toyota press release.

Photos supplied by Toyota show workers moving the cars in to the auto show buildings yesterday. The car appears to be either a small hatchback or wagon with an aerodynamic shape. It may be a ‘Canadian-ized’ version of the European Yaris hatchback which is based on the Echo.

The general public will be able to see it on Friday at the Toyota booth in the Main Hall, North Building in Toronto.

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