Ottawa, ON. – Transport Canada has released its latest recalls, which may affect some Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and Lotus models.


Units Affected 83

E-Class: 2012

On certain E-Class Coupe vehicles, the right side window curtain airbag may have been manufactured incorrectly and, as a result, could deflate more quickly than intended following deployment. Failure of a window curtain airbag to function correctly during a crash (where deployment is warranted) could increase the risk of personal injury to vehicle occupants. Correction Dealers will replace the right side window curtain airbag.


Units Affected 31

Granturismo: 2012
Granturismo Convertible: 2012
Granturismo MC: 2012
Quttroporte: 2012

On certain vehicles, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) could malfunction and fail. Operating a vehicle with low tire pressures could reduce vehicle traction in some operating conditions, or increase tire temperatures which could lead to tire failure. This can result in a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the TPMS ECU.


Units Affected 18

Evora S: 2011, 2012
Evora S-IPS: 2011, 2012

On certain vehicles, an engine mounted oil feed pipe may rupture, causing an oil leak. Oil may contact a hot engine or exhaust component, which could result in a fire. As well, engine oil spilt on the roadway could endanger other road users by making the roadway unexpectedly slippery. These issues could result in property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the engine oil feed pipe with an updated design.


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