President of General Motors North America needs your creativity to make their FR-S/BRZ beater a reality.

Mark Reuss wants a 2+2 coupe that’ll slot in below the Camaro. Unfortunately, the Alpha platform on which the Camaro and ATS are based doesn’t scale down well. So, some creativity is needed in order to make this car a reality.

After Jalopnik broke the story of the possible origins of the new Chevelle, an interesting conversation started on Twitter between Matt Hardigree, Mark Reuss, and yours truly.

We assume this means he will have to think about how the different parts/platforms could possibly fit together for a new car while on his way to Indy.

We’ve come up with two possible options here to build the next bowtied RWD coupe:

– Resurrect the Kappa platform (Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky), modernize it, and add two seats.
– Build it on the new Delta-II (D2XX/D2UX) platform. This is all contingent on being able to turn the four-cylinder mills in the engine bay 90 degrees.

But, what do you think? Using the current (and planned future) platforms for GM, how would YOU build a new, inexpensive RWD car for Chevrolet?

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