[Update: Infiniti has released one additional image of the QX30 Concept, but no further information (unless you count the design inspiration as information…) has been made available, but do take the time to enjoy the lovely rear three-quarter view. –Ed.]

Infiniti have just released their first teaser image of the new QX30 Concept ahead of its reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Sister vehicle to the the Q30 Hatchback concept (which incidentally will also share the Mercedes-Benz MFA platform), first seen at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Infiniti are hoping the new luxury compacts will resound well with the urban well-to-do “premium” crowd seeking a stylish, compact, and practical vehicle. From the one rear teaser pic (and this new rear three-quarter view), it’s easy to see the relation to the Q30 Hatchback Concept. The crossover sits higher than the hatchback. Dual trapezoidal exhausts tips have been integrated smoothly into the rear bumper and the tail lights certainly flow well with the rest of the rear end. The additional view of the side reveals sharp, prominent creases that define the body and an artful window line that will make rear outward visibility a challenge. Thank heavens for Infiniti’s 360-degree parking cameras….

Infiniti says, “The QX30 Concept aims to reignite the premium compact segment with a distinctive approach to design that looks beyond the practicality and conformity expected of the segment.The potential customers for such a concept are searching for a product to suit their ‘urban week and get-away weekend’ lifestyle and the QX30’s compact footprint matches that.”

Infiniti haven’t released any details on the QX30 yet but any time the words “compact” and “footprint” are used, expect there to be “eco” or “green” options with the powertrain, and to be close to the Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3 in size. As soon as we get the full skinny, we’ll be sure to update you. We’re keeping rather close tabs on this one.

Infiniti QX30 Concept

Infiniti QX30 Concept

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