Similar class action suit in Canada continues

Hyundai Motor Corp. and Kia Motors have agreed to a $395 million (USD) deal to settle a class action filed by customers regarding overstated mileage claims of certain models, reports The Detroit News.

Following an investigation by the EPA, Hyundai and Kia restated mileage claims on a number of 2011-2013 models found to be tested improperly. Customers were given the option of a “lifetime reimbursement”, entitling owners to cash to make up for the difference in fuel costs.

In Canada, a class action suit is still before the courts with the strong possibility of a settlement being agreed upon prior to a judge making a ruling.

Hyundai Canada made the following statement:

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is aware of a recent announcement in the U.S. regarding a class action settlement for its customers affected by an adjustment to fuel consumption ratings. A separate class action is in progress in Canada and Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. has been working cooperatively with counsel representing affected Canadian customers. While the company hopes to reach an agreement in early 2014, there have been no changes to the company’s existing reimbursement program and it remains available to all affected customers.

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