April 25, 2005

Hummer H3 arriving in May

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors has announced that it is preparing the all-new midsize Hummer H3 for its arrival in dealerships in mid-May.

2006 Hummer H3
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“In a market full of ordinary SUVs, H3 is an extraordinary new presence,” said Susan Docherty, Hummer general manager. “Our marketing launch for the H3 will extend Hummer’s position in the market of being truly ‘Like Nothing Else’.”

H3 advertising kicks off with the introduction of two new ads. “Vertigo,” airing during the NFL Draft, showcases the experiential nature of the brand and features a younger, more active H3 customer. At the same time, “Game Over” debuts exclusively on www.hummer.com and highlights H3’s off-road performance through actual test-footage shot during the final stages of vehicle development.

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