In a previous article about the release of the Honda Civic Type-R, I wrote, “Unfortunately, we’re probably never going to see the Civic Type-R in our neck of the woods (this is one of those cases where I’d gladly eat my words).” So today, as I’m loudly munching on those hasty words, I’m happy to report that we indeed will be getting our hands on the famed Civic Type-R for the very first time in North America.

Last month, John Mendel, Executive Vice President at American Honda, not only confirmed the return of the Civic hatchback to North America, but he also confirmed we will be getting the Type-R.

While there is no firm release date for the 300+-hp turbo 2L iconic hot hatch, the Type-R will follow the release of the new Civic sedan, coupe, hatchback and Si models. Realistically, we won’t see the Civic Type-R over here until at least the end of 2016 or 2017. Again, I’d gladly eat my words if the Type-R arrives in time to do battle with North America’s other highly-anticipated turbo hot hatch – the Ford Focus RS – expected to arrive next spring.

With the resurgence of all the neat, relatively affordable sports cars in the market, it’s never been a better time to be a car enthusiast.

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