Oshawa, Ontario – Chevrolet Volt customers in Canada will be able to cut their charging times in half, thanks to a new home charger launched by GM and SPX.

The Volt’s lithium-ion battery pack takes about ten hours for a full charge on a regular 120-volt outlet. By installing a 240-volt station through SPX Home Charging Installation, the charge time is reduced to four hours, enabling customers to take full advantage of off-peak charging where applicable.

“SPX has worked closely with Chevrolet throughout the launch of the Volt, both in Canada and the U.S., and we have developed robust processes to ensure customer satisfaction with their home charging purchases and installations,” said Tanvir Arfi, president of SPX Service Solutions. “With the majority of a vehicle’s stationary time spent at home, it’s essential that we develop a strong foundation for home charging infrastructure, and we’re happy to deliver that for Volt customers.”

The SPX electric vehicle team will manage all aspects of home charging, including home surveys, installations, permits, inspections, coordination with utilities, and post-installation services. The charging station has been designed for residential use with the Volt and has an MSRP of $490. A PowerExpress charge station is available in plug-in and hardwired configurations at $749. Installation costs will vary and start at $300. The average installation is expected to cost $1,100.

For more information, visit SPX.

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