Aug 10, 2007

GM and A123Systems to co-develop battery cell for Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt concept
Chevrolet Volt concept
Chevrolet Volt concept. Click image to enlarge

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Traverse City, Michigan – General Motors and A123Systems will co-develop cells using A123Systems’ nanophosphate battery chemistry, for use in GM’s electric drive E-Flex system. The agreement is expected to expedite the development of the batteries for both electric plug-in vehicles and fuel cell variants of the E-Flex architecture, showcased on the Chevrolet Volt concept car.

The contract calls for A123Systems, headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, to develop battery cells to meet the specific requirements of GM’s E-Flex system. Nanophosphate-based cell technology, when compared to other lithium-ion battery chemistries, provides higher power output, longer life, and safer operations over the life of the battery, the companies say.

Earlier this year, GM awarded two contracts for advanced development of battery packs, which require the integration of multiple battery cells, to Compact Power Inc., a Michigan-based subsidiary of Korean battery manufacturer LG Chem; and Continental Automotive Systems of Frankfurt, Germany, a division of Continental A.G. Under the agreements, Compact Power will use battery cells developed by LG Chem, while Continental will use the cells being developed by GM and A123Systems.

“We’re talking today about the Volt and implications that it will have on the electrification of passenger vehicles, but the technology goes a lot further than that,” says Dave Vieau, CEO of A123Systems. “The weight, size, safety and performance of these batteries have implications on all transportation, including hybrid buses, trucks and aircraft.”

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