April 3, 2006

General Motors showcases Saturn Vue Green Line

2007 Saturn Vue Green Line
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Vancouver, British Columbia – General Motors has presented the all-new 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line at the Vancouver International Auto Show, the first GM vehicle powered by the company’s new, more affordable hybrid system. The company claims the Green Line delivers almost 20 per cent more horsepower with an estimated 20 per cent improvement in fuel economy, with no compromise on performance or utility. The Green Line will start at less than $30,000 and is expected to be the lowest-cost hybrid SUV on the market.

The Vue Green Line uses a 2.4-litre engine with variable valve timing, mated to a unique electric motor/generator and a four-speed transmission. The electric motor/generator provides additional power during acceleration and allows increased fuel economy through engine shut-off at idle, fuel cut-off during acceleration and the capability to capture electrical energy through regenerative braking.

General Motors estimates that, compared with a conventional SUV, the Green Line saves about 330 litres of fuel annually. With a premium of about $2,600 over a regular Saturn Vue, and if a $2,000 provincial hybrid tax refund is applied, the company estimates that it would take only two years to make up the cost difference at 90 cents per litre for gasoline.

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