Not everything in the automotive industry is news-worthy, but that doesn’t mean that nothing cool is happening. We feel like TGIF is the perfect time to share with you some really awesome stuff that happened during the week. So take a few minutes, kick back and enjoy.

Land Rover is Playing in the Snow

How do you feel about a Range Rover Sport doing skids in the snow? We give it two thumbs up too. Up there, in Arjeplog, Sweden, where the snow never dies, a full-scale replica of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit has been created on the surface of a frozen lake. All Land Rover had left to do was to put their most powerful model on the track with their instructor and former rally driver Minna Sillankorva at the wheel and let her (yes her!) do her thing. Cool as a (frozen) cucumber.

Power Wheels

When I was a kid, we had Jeeps. That’s what the cool five year-olds had in the 90s. Kids now get Hummers, Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Corvettes… or Porsche 911s. Watch the little girl’s reaction. I’d have the same. But I’d probably drop a glass of wine in lieu of a sippy cup. And it would probably be a real 911. Electric cars don’t have that effect on me.

Two Nissan 370Z Bite the Dust

What better way to give thanks than to do skids in a dusty, abandoned mall? For Black Friday, Nissan and Hoonigan decided that it would be the ideal way to celebrate the American Thanksgiving so they teamed up to produce this dust lifting, teeth clenching video of two 370Z drifting through an abandoned L.A. mall. There are a few close calls, but the video makes you want to go “Wheeee!” Try to hold it in if you’re in the office, you wouldn’t want your colleagues to know you are having too much fun.

What else should be in there? This is teamwork, share your favs from the week!

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