Not everything in the automotive industry is news-worthy, but that doesn’t mean that nothing cool is happening. We feel like TGIF is the perfect time to share with you some really awesome stuff that happened during the week. So take a few minutes, kick back and enjoy.

The Wars of the Stars, FCA version

Had you ever noticed that the new Dodge Challenger strangely looks like a stormtrooper? Now you can’t unsee it. The Fiat-Chrysler group, now commonly known as FCA, has released a fun series of Star Wars-inspired segments. From a Vader Viper to a Sith Lord and Jedi combating Fiat 500 Abarths, these ads will keep you hungry until the movie everyone’s been talking about comes out.

But that’s not all, see all of the commercials over at, or, y’know, on Youtube, whatever.

A casual ride

Okay. So it’s technically not street legal. So what are the chances of casually coming across one of Aston Martin’s 24 track-dedicated Vulcans? Here’s an 800-hp V12 for you, all wrapped up in a package so sexy it will make the moms cover their kids’ eyes. Though the maker claims the model was named after a Cold War bomber, I like to think that the cultural reference is from the clan opposed to Star Wars. Yes, I mean Star Trek.

Sneak peek at the Volvo S90

We don’t know much about this car yet, but we’re already excited about it. The luxury sedan will be officially launched in Detroit, but Volvo has released a video for the world to see. It is expected that the all-new S90 will be available with a semi-autonomous drive feature as well as a T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain. That’s all we got for now. In the meantime, we get to feast our eyes.


BONUS: Volkswagen says “Sowy”

If you haven’t heard about Dieselgate of Volkswagen’s big diesel engine debacle, you have to stop sleeping under a rock. After some shuffling about what the plan is to make up for tricking their fuel consumption numbers, Volkswagen has come up with a series of apologetic ads to extend an olive branch. We still love you, and your dirty dirty, but oh-so-fun TDIs, VW.

What else should be in there? This is teamwork, share your favs from the week in the forum thread!

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