August 27, 2002

Ford engineers to participate in ‘Junkyard Wars’ TV show

Dearborn, Michigan – Three Ford product development engineers will make an appearance on TLC’s popular TV program “Junkyard Wars” on August 28th at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Stephen Zoepf, Gary Kiley, and Justin Case form team Model T. The engineers met as interns at Ford Motor Company last year and became friends. Together they make a formidable team that will face off against another group of tool-wielding gearheads. The goal is to build the best machines they can in a 10-hour period using junkyard parts. The team will have no prior knowledge of what they are going to build until they reach the junkyard.

Each team takes its machine and competes against the other in a head-to-head race. If they win, they move onto the next elimination round and face a new opponent in a playoff-type format with the final goal of becoming the ultimate champions of the junkyard. The Model T team was selected out of thousands of applicants for their talent, experience, and ingenuity. These are skills they use daily developing and engineering class-leading and award-winning cars and trucks. The rest comes from the bonds formed in unique gearhead hobbies like automotive and kart racing, performance engine tuning and anything else that involves speed.

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