Transport Canada have announced a recall for 2015 model year Ford C-Max, Escape and Focus models due to an issue with the Body Control Model (BCM). If you’re like me, you probably don’t know what a BCM does exactly. The BCM is part of the ignition system and a faulty or glitchy unit may cause your C-Max, Escape or Focus to continue running after you’ve turned the ignition off… or to magically transform it into a diesel car. Not really – please don’t quote me on that, it’s my attempt at humour relating this recall to a dieseling car.

This recall affects vehicles both with a standard key setup or a keyless fob setup. Needless to say, a car that won’t shut off when you turn the ignition to “off” or when you press the engine on/off button poses a safety and a theft risk.

No injuries or thefts have been reported so far.

52,180 vehicles in Canada may be affected and if you own a 2015 C-Max, Focus or Escape, call your dealership to see if your vehicle is affected and if so, book an appointment to replace the BCM at no charge.

Next up is the Dodge Journey – model years 2011-2015. On certain 2.4L-equipped vehicles, the engine cover has the potential to shift over time due to road vibrations. If you engine cover shifts significantly, it could result in contact with your extremely hot exhaust manifold, which could then result in a very dangerous engine fire, putting an end to your Journey, and or causing serious injury.

If you own a Journey from 2011-2015, you may be one of 43,679 vehicles possibly affected by this. Call your local dealership to see if your Journey is affected and if so, book an appointment to have the dealer install an “enhanced engine cover” at no charge to you.


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