The Detroit auto show is just around the corner and Volvo got us excited over their new top-of-the-line sedan, the S90, scheduled to make its global debut in Motor City. But if there’s one thing Volvo has got a reputation for, it’s wagons. Think V40, V60 or V70 and you understand what I’m talking about. So it makes perfect sense that the S90 should get a V-version as well, right? Well, Volvo didn’t even wait to read our mind over this matter and already have said V in the works.

Volvo V90

In fact, the Swedish website has even leaked the first images of the oh-so-good-looking V90 bound to hit the Geneva auto show in March. The new V90 will be close to 5 metres long and should come equipped with a selection of diesel and twincharged engine powertrains, including a hybrid T8. Still according to Teknikens Värld, a three-cylinder version is also being considered as well as a hot Pole Star variant. Shiny! The V90 should also feature Volvo’s Power Pulse technology, which will eliminate turbo lag in the turbodiesels. Both the sedan and the wagon should be sold as 2017 models and continue on the Viking deity theme with the great looking hammer headlamps design.

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