February 1, 2007

Fingerprint anti-theft device for vehicles announced

Scottsdale, Arizona – SID Protect Inc. has announced the release of the SID, a fingerprint anti-theft device for vehicles. When SID is fitted to a vehicle, only those with fingerprints registered in the device can start the vehicle.

SID uses biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that only those people who have been authorized by the vehicle owner can operate the vehicle. Up to twenty users, plus the owner, can be stored in the device; the owner becomes the administrator, and is the only person able to add or delete users, or set or change the optional PIN number. Only people authorized by the owner can be enrolled in SID.

Unlike other anti-theft devices, which use a key, remote or PIN number, SID cannot be used by anyone who simply finds the device. A valet mode is included for times when someone other than an enrolled user needs to access the vehicle, such as a service technician. Any enrolled user can put the vehicle into or take it out of valet mode.

SID does not replace the ignition key; to start the vehicle, an operator must have the key and also have a fingerprint registered in SID. For more information, visit JustBiometrics.com.

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