Fiat’s adorable 500 has received a mid-cycle styling refresh for the European market, suggesting that an updated version can’t be far behind for us North Americans.

As this car likely sells primarily for its looks (save for the party-on-wheels Abarth model), it’s no surprise the changes are “evolutionary:” the updates are all in new lights and details (Fiat says there are “1,800 innovative design changes” to be had here), leaving the car’s unmistakable profile unmolested.

While it’s no stretch to say this is what the 2016 500 will look like when it goes on sale here, what’s harder to say is how many of the mechanical updates will make it to our shores: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ press release says the car will use a variety of TwinAir and MultiJet gas and diesel engines, while 500s sold here currently are equipped with 1.4L naturally-aspirated and turbocharged four-cylinder engines.

We’re more confident in suggesting that our 2016 model will get Chrysler’s well-sorted UConnect infotainment system, which FCA has added to the 2016 Euroland model as a replacement for Fiat’s previous Blue&Me setup.

FCA says the new 500 goes on sale in the UK in September, so we expect an announcement from the company’s Canadian division in the next few weeks.

2016 Fiat 500 2

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