Every manufacturer has a “plan”. Mitsubishi has a plan. Volkswagen has a plan too. And so does FCA. That’s part of what product and workforce planning means. Sometimes, it means introducing new models, sometimes it means killing one off. And that’s the move FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has announced the group would make: giving two of their compact sedans the boot to focus on the production in the more profitable crossover and truck categories. The casualties? Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200.

Presenting an updated plan to their investors, FCA has ruled out their contribution to the compact sedans segment in order to focus the activities of their plants on the production of more Jeep and RAM products. Plus, let’s all be honest about it: both models didn’t quite take the market by storm, especially considering one of the two performed poorly at the usual safety tests and the other was hated by the headstrong Italian CEO. What chance did they have?

However, all is not lost for the two runts of the family as an update by Reuters states that the Fiat Chrysler Group is seeking partners in the production of compact and midsize cars. So will it be goodbye, will it be adieu? Guess we will have to wait for FCA’s next plan update to know for sure.

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