Dodge Sprinter vans sold during the DaimlerChrysler days are the latest vehicles added to the list of those recalled to have faulty Takata airbags replaced.

The 4,504 Sprinters in question are 2007 and 2008 models. You can see the full list of Takata recalls at Transport Canada’s website.

A couple of other recent recalls come courtesy of Chrysler (now officially known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA), too. Nearly 3,400 Dodge Dart sedans with the available automatic transmission are on their way back to dealer service departments to replace transmission control modules (TCM) with circuit boards that could crack, causing the transmission to shift into neutral.

The last FCA recall applies to versions of the light-duty Ram 1500 pickup with the optional 3.0L diesel engine. Just 50 trucks are affected, but the risk of a fire makes it worth a mention: a battery harness could chafe against an engine mount bracket and cause to a short circuit that, at the very least, will cut power to the engine. Dealers will re-route the wiring harness and replace any that show evidence of chafing.

Moving on to other brands: nearly 10,500 examples of the Cadillac ATS have been recalled to fix a rear window defroster that could overheat and start a fire.

In nearly a thousand 2015 Honda Fit models, engine ignition coils could overheat and melt, lighting up the check engine indicator, and possibly causing the engine to stall. Dealers will replace the coils with redesigned parts.

There are 340 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Ralliart models out there with improperly installed parking brake cables that could rub against the fuel tank. Over time, this could wear away the tank’s protective coating, exposing bare metal that could rust and perforate the tank, leading to a fuel leak. Dealers will replace the brake cable, and inspect the tank; fuel tanks with a damaged coating will be replaced, too.

Finally, in 23 Volvos from the 2016 model year, the auto start/stop system could blow the starter motor fuse, with the obvious result that the car won’t restart. Dealers will replace the fuse with a higher-amperage one.

2008 Dodge Sprinter Passenger Van 170" Wheelbase, High Roof

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