Ottawa, ON. – Transport Canada has released its latest recalls, which may affect some Cooper Tires.

Cooper Tires

Units Affected 1,084

DISCOVERER H/T LT245/75R16 : 2012

Certain tires were produced with incorrect load range, maximum permissible inflation pressure, and maximum load information molded on the inboard sidewall. The incorrect inboard sidewalls are marked: LOAD RANGE C, MAX. LOAD SINGLE 1000kg (2205 LBS.) AT 350 kPa (50 P.S.I.) COLD MAX. LOAD DUAL 910kg (2006 LBS.) AT 350 kPa (50 P.S.I.) COLD, instead of the correct information “LOAD RANGE E, MAX. LOAD SINGLE 1380kg (3042 LBS.) AT 550 kPa (80 P.S.I.) COLD, MAX. LOAD DUAL 1260kg (2778 LBS.) AT 550 kPa (80 P.S.I.) COLD. Correction: Dealers will replace the affected tires.


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Discoverer H/T

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