Crossovers and hatchbacks are definitely the flavour of the moment and it seems like the North American Chevrolet Cruze will be joining in the movement.

Back in June, AutoNews revealed that Chevrolet executives had taken the stage at a dealers’ national meeting in Las Vegas with the concept of a five-door Cruze. Not as far-fetched an idea as it seems, considering that the Cruze is already sold as a hatch in other markets around the world, including China, Australia and Europe, as shown above. So we know that the platform exists.

GM introduced the all-new generation Chevrolet Cruze sedan earlier this year, and today, we get the very first peek at what could be the said five-door Cruze, clad in swirly camo. The spy shot leads us to believe that GM will have a surprise (or not so much of a surprise, now) for North Americans come January at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

The model has been a strong player in the GM alignment since its introduction with Canadian sales steady at about 30,000 units yearly. With our affinity for small hatchbacks, it’s likely that Canadians will welcome the idea of a new hatchback with arms wide open.

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