The Chevrolet Cruze was launched in 2008 and it instantly became a juggernaut of sales around the world. Since its launch, Chevrolet reports over 3.5 million global sales in over 115 countries. That’s a lot of Cruzin’. The Cruze plays a vital role for Chevy – the global bestseller replaced no less than 15 models of sedans and has introduced droves of new-generation car buyers to the bowtie brand. 35% of Cruze buyers are first-time Chevy buyers, so needless to say, the highly anticipated new Cruze hopes to remain at the top of Chevy’s portfolio.

The all-new second generation Chevy Cruze is due to be unveiled on June 24th and while exact details are scarce, we do know it will be larger, yet lighter. Lighter is good. Based upon the same platform as the Volt, Chevy promises the new Cruze will build upon the success of the first-gen model with new technologies, new powertrains and additional available safety features that will bring a higher level of sophistication to the compact car segment.

This most likely means more connectivity options – including the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, economical drivetrains (most likely a hybrid system along with diesel options), and driving assistance packages for an affordable price.

The second-generation Cruze will be hitting dealers across the world early next year, alongside the all-new Camaro, Spark, and Malibu.

2017 Chevrolet Cruze

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