July 24, 2007

Canadian auto smog emissions are on rapid decline, says CVMA

Toronto, Ontario – A recent report from Environment Canada confirms that smog-forming emissions from all light-duty vehicles in Canada are on a rapid decline, says the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association (CVMA). The report, Fleet NOx Emission Performance for the 2005 Model Year, also says that new cars and light-duty trucks sold in Canada outperformed the stringent regulatory requirements by 25 per cent.

The report says that emissions from all the cars and light duty trucks in Canada represent about 10 per cent of all Canadian smog-forming emissions, and are predicted to continue to decline well into the future.

“Environment Canada’s Tier 2 vehicle emissions standards, introduced in 2004, are the most stringent national smog-forming emissions standards in the world,” says Mark Nantais, president of CVMA. “As new vehicles replace older vehicles on Canadian roads, total auto emissions are projected to decline by a further 50 per cent by 2015, resulting in light-duty vehicles representing less than 5 per cent of total Canadian smog emissions. But we are not stopping there. The auto industry has presented the government with an integrated plan to further accelerate the reduction of both smog-related emissions and greenhouse gases from vehicles on Canadian roads.”

The CMVA’s membership consists of DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc., Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., General Motors of Canada Ltd., and International Truck and Engine Corp. Canada.

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